Sustainable Networking

by Christina C. C. Willis

Creating a virtuous cycle of success

Sustainability applied to networking is about treating professional support and assistance like a resource and creating more of it than you take.

Written for an international STEM audience, Sustainable Networking for Scientists and Engineers discusses how to create career success and mutually beneficial professional relationships.

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This book addresses networking and careers in a holistic sense, considering subjects such as self-awareness, empathy, communication and conversational skills, and how to interact with the diverse people who form our global STEM community.

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Learn how to network in your hometown or office, at conferences, or online, and use networking to find new employment. Exercises at the end of each chapter help readers apply what they have learned and create a sustainable networking strategy that is unique to their strengths and abilities.

Praise for Sustainable Networking

“There are many bad ideas that circulate about networking. If you see networking as sleazy and transactional, this book will change your perspective. Sustainable Networking for Scientists and Engineers isn’t just about giving you ‘tips and tricks’ to get quick wins when you need it, it’s about developing networking as a core strength in your life and career.”

–David Giltner, TurningScience